Thursday, January 29, 2009

Little Bits

Fall flower purse.
Flower Headband. I love these! They are very cute and super easy. For great patterns, including this one visit Creativeyarn.
Simple beaded necklace.
Beaded bracelet (still a work in progress). I changed it a bit, but you can find a similar pattern on Future Girl.

Here are the FEW things I have made lately for a boutique that is opening in the middle of February. I need, oh about 20 more items!! Have you tried to crochet and sew with a 14 month old? Impossible!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow day projects

Today was a wonderful day for crafting due to the fact that it was 16 degrees and snowy! I had some lingering projects to work on, like my Heart Purse, which I had crocheted but I hadn't completed the liner, (which is still not finished, but in progress.) Next comes the arduous task of hand sewing the lining into the purse. (For a great tutorial on sewing lining into a crocheted bag check out the Future Girl link.)

Avoiding the lining I turned to crocheting a new bag. I found a great pattern on Marlo's Crochet Corner (which was maybe meant to be since Marlo is my middle name!) I liked how the bag turned out, and I already had some great fabric for the liner!

The beginning of Millie

So this is the beginning of New Millie; an outlet for creativity. A place to pass on inspiration and ideas and share all the neat bits I have learned from others.  The original Millie is my grandmother, Mildred Lois Hewett; she is crafty. From the time I can remember she crocheted, sewed, and painted; she was industrious when her family needed her to be and she was creative because she could be. I hope to follow in her footsteps.