Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chubby Little Legwarmers

OK first of all let me say before I start this that I got this tutorial from and you should really consider just pressing on the link and learning how to make these cute little legwarmers from her. However, if you're choosing to stay then here we go.

Materials needed:
A pair of women's (or men's) socks
Rotary cutters or scissors
Sewing machine

Step 1. Lay out your socks (I got these beauties from Target for $2!)Step 2. Make 3 cuts. You want to cut the toe off and the heel off.Step 3. You should now be left with two pieces. The main sock piece and the part of the foot that was neither the heel or the toe (see I told you just should've gone to You want to take the foot piece and fold it in half.Step 4. Place the folded piece around the main sock and pin.Step 5. Sew. Be careful not to pull your fabric.Ta-dah! Little legwarmers for the chubby little legs in your life.My Chubby Little Legwarmer model.

Headband/Ear-warmer for Katie

My wonderful sister-in-law was in a store with her sister (are you following me so far?) who saw a knitted headband/ear-warmer that she wanted to buy. Instead of letting her sister buy this headband/ear-warmer, my wonderful sister-in-law took a picture of it, sent it to me and asked if I could make it. Here is the finished product. Hopefully my wonderful sister-in-law's sister will like it! (By the way her name is Katie, I was just having fun writing "my wonderful sister-in-law's sister). PS- This is a super easy pattern I made up, that I might possibly post at another time, but I haven't showered for a day and half (two puking kids will do that to you) so I'm going to go ahead and do that now.

Monday, March 15, 2010

No Nap Hair Bows

So it's pretty inevitable that on any given day one or the both of my children will either a.) Take forever to get themselves down for their nap, or b.) Refuse a nap altogether. Well today, Harper chose "b," and after 35 minutes of yelling, and out of fear that she would wake the big man; I threw in the towel and went and got her up. Usually I work out during my kids' nap, but that was going to have to be delayed (I will be doing that after this post is done. Yay.) So I decided we would make some hair bows. Harp got very excited and actually told me that was very "kind of" me...she's so I made some actual bows, but the ones I like the best are actually a kind of "flower." They're super easy.

Materials Needed:
-hot glue gun
-button (or anything else to go in the center..beads maybe?)
-hair clip (head band, or brooch pin)

Before we get started let me say that yes, I do most crafts on the floor of my living room, I spread everything out, and make a complete mess, I am not ashamed of this. Okay, now that's out of the way, here we go.

Make a loop with the ribbon and secure it with a dot of hot glue
Make another loop, secure it with another dot of hot glue and trim the end. Repeat those first two steps and then attach both pieces with more hot glue (this is a running theme).It should look like this. While I was taking this picture...
Harper was doing this. Oh the joys of no nap.
Now choose another ribbon (or stay with the first if you like). Once again, secure the ribbon with hot glue, make a loop, secure with hot glue...told you, running theme.Repeat the looping and gluing until it looks like this.
Glue onto the hair clip (or head band, or brooch pin). I like to put a little ribbon on the back, just in case any glue had seeped through.
Attach a button (or bead, or whatever you want), let it cool and Ta-Dah! A little hair bow for your "no napper."These were some of the other ones we made. I let Harper choose the ribbon and the buttons, the girl actually has pretty good taste.

Liar Liar

So if anyone out there is still checking this blog, you have found out that I have not written a thing since the beginning of SEPTEMBER! I had claimed to have some things under control and to begin creating again, but I totally lied. My life is crazy, I have learned to accept it, and now I am hoping to continue sewing, crocheting and crafting despite of it. As I am writing this, my two year old, who is supposed to be taking a nap is yelling over and over and over again in her room. Just a typical day. (The picture above is a great example of what I dealing with over here.)