Friday, February 20, 2009

Bags, Bags and more Bags

So in preparing for the craft show in March I have been crocheting and sewing like a mad woman. I do have other projects finished, I just haven't taken any photos yet. But here is the first of many bags I am making (all different) for the show. It has been really fun making up patterns and just letting things come together as I go. This bag I was calling the "Mama Bag" because it is pretty big. It is crocheted with 100% cotton cream yarn. It is lined in some of the fabric I bought at goodwill and the strap is crocheted fabric strips (in the lining fabric). I think it's pretty fun.
The lining with two pockets.
The crocheted fabric strap. I tied the ends in a bow and then sewed it closed.
My attempt at a handmade label. I stitched "New Millie" on felt and then sewed it in.
I have more bags to be continued.

Loving This Yarn!

I bought this yarn for a scarflet I was making as a gift for the sister of a girl in our community group at church (did anyone follow that?) I went to the store planning on getting something neutral, but fell in love with this Homespun yarn! It comes in all different colors and I am planning on making something with all of them. The scarflet is done and sitting on our kitchen table and every time I walk past it I can't help but say (out loud) "I love this yarn!" (Hey give me a break, the only person I have to talk to for most of the day is a 15 month old!) 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just in Case You Were Wondering...

Just in case you were wondering where I will be on March 21-22! I will be one of the vendors at the Green With Indie craft show, which I am super excited about. The premise of the show is "green crafting," so I am planning to use only natural materials (organic cotton, wool) and then repurposing a lot of items (I already bought a very cool table cloth and bed sheet from Goodwill!) I have also been looking at everything in my house as a potential craft material...the creative juices are flowing! 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow Day Projects With No Snow!

The snow has almost melted so I figured it was time to get my butt in gear and finish my "Snow Day Projects." I spent most of last evening sewing in my lining; I have the needle pricked fingers to prove it!
View of the inside.
Snap closure. When working into late hours of the night, be sure to double check your work before you do anything you will have to rip out. The first time I sewed in the snap I sewed the back side up. Needless to say, it had to be redone.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Things That Happen While Babysitting

Last week, while Harper and Lucie (the little girl I babysit) were napping (Thank you Jesus that they were both down at the same time!) I decided I needed a new cell phone case; Harper had dropped mine while we were taking a walk in the park and by the time I realized it, I was watching a woman waiting for the bus picking it up and putting it her purse (she must have needed it, right?). Anyway, this led me to this little case. It was super easy, here's the patterns:Materials:
6 mm crochet hook
Medium weight acrylic blend yarn (really anything will work)
sewing needle
fabric and sewing materials for lining (optional)

Chain your desired length, I have a LG Voyager from Verizon and I chained 18
row 1: sc in second chain from hook. Continue to sc in the rest of the chain, do not turn. Sc on the other side of the chain all the way down, do not join round.
Row 2+: Continue with this pattern (sc on both sides) until desired depth is obtained. (Once again, for my phone I sc 12 rounds).

Button hook: On your last round SC until middle of second side, chain 9 or so (depends on thickness of phone) skip one SC and join chain to next SC, continue to SC to finish round.

Button: Choose any type of button and sew to opposite side of button hook.
I decided to line mine, which I think is cute, but the cover would work great without the lining also.

1. To line simply measure the width of your case and then add 1 inch. (This will give you a 1/2 inch seam on each side.

2. Measure the depth of your case from the bottom of the inside to the row that you want to attach the lining to (I chose the second stitch from the top). Multiple your depth by two and then add 1 inch (For example, if your depth is 5 then it will equal: 5 x 2=10+1=11 inches).

3. Measure your fabric and cut.

4. Fold fabric in half (pattern side in) length (depth) wise. Iron. Measure a 1/2 inch seam at the top of each side. Iron fabric out.

5. Pin along sides of folded fabric and sew a 1/2 inch seam on each side. Iron side seams out.

6. Sew the top 1/2 inch seam.

7. Fit lining into case and hand sew in. Be sure to sew only on the inside stitch so it doesn't show through on the outside of the case.

If you haven't sewn before these instructions are going to be very confusing! If you need pictures go to Futuregirl and check out her tutorials on "How to sew a lining" and how to "Sew a lining into a crocheted bag." Don't you wish I would have told you this before?



What to do with the leftovers? If you crochet or knit then you know that eventually you will be left with a little bit of a lot of different yarn. Well I figured out something to do to not waste all those little bits; I took all my leftovers and cut them in various lengths an then tied them all together in a random order.The result was this scarf/cowl. I know it's not everyones' taste, but I'm kind of into it!

It's also a super easy pattern!

I used a 10mm hook and leftover yarn, but obviously you could use any yarn you like.

Chain 120 (or to your desired length)
Row 1: Treble stitch in 4th chain from hook and in the rest of the chain.
Row 2: chain 3, turn, Treble stitch in back stitch only all the way down the row
Row 3: chain 3, turn, Treble in front stitch only down the row
Row 4+: Continue with pattern (Back stitch, front stitch) until desired width is obtained.

Finishing: When rows are completed, single stitch around border, tie off and weave in ends...or not, who cares it's a leftover scarf! I also stitched the two ends together, and then twisted it up and around my neck.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Holy Cowl!

So maybe it's the weather, but I have been in this scarf/cowl mood lately. This multicolored one was once what I called the "Ugly Scarf." I was about to rip it all apart when Jeff told me to stop being ridiculous and do something with it; so I added the buttons and "ta-dah" it's an "Ugly Cowl."
I really wanted to make a cowl with a chunky yarn, but I didn't have enough of this brown yarn. However, I remembered a beanie I had made Jeff when we first started dating. He never it wore it, so I took it apart and made the cowl (sorry Jeff). I used a cream in the same weight to join it together. I think it turned out pretty good. I think I'll wear it tomorrow!