Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chubby Little Legwarmers

OK first of all let me say before I start this that I got this tutorial from and you should really consider just pressing on the link and learning how to make these cute little legwarmers from her. However, if you're choosing to stay then here we go.

Materials needed:
A pair of women's (or men's) socks
Rotary cutters or scissors
Sewing machine

Step 1. Lay out your socks (I got these beauties from Target for $2!)Step 2. Make 3 cuts. You want to cut the toe off and the heel off.Step 3. You should now be left with two pieces. The main sock piece and the part of the foot that was neither the heel or the toe (see I told you just should've gone to You want to take the foot piece and fold it in half.Step 4. Place the folded piece around the main sock and pin.Step 5. Sew. Be careful not to pull your fabric.Ta-dah! Little legwarmers for the chubby little legs in your life.My Chubby Little Legwarmer model.


  1. who are you?!?!? i may just follow your tutorial and make some leg warmers for the fall/winter. steph you're inspiring me :)miss you

  2. Oh I just love the legwarmers, you've reminded me to get some going for Fall. (: