Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Easy. Cute. Presents.

So I like to make stuff. I love to find new patterns, create my own projects and just dream of all the things I would like to sew, crochet, mod podge, cut, hang, embellish (you get where I'm going with this?) Anyway, the problem is that usually, I find so many things I want to do that the "looking" and "thinking" takes up the time of the "doing." Well with a couple birthdays coming up (two being today; Happy Birthday Kerri and Claire) I had a great excuse to make some stuff.

I have a braided fabric headband that I love, and as I was reading through a few blogs that I like and I found this tutorial to make my own. Super easy. Super fast. The only advice would be to cut your fabric strips bigger than you may think. The first time I made it (yeah, I know I said it was super easy, I just like to make life harder) I cut my strips too small and my braids were tiny and just weren't the look I was going for. So the next time, I cut my fabric a few inches wide and it turned out a lot better (this is one of two that I am sending to my sister's- in- law; they have the same birthday.)

I had been looking for a good kid pattern for a brimmed hat (I already have an adult) and I found one here. But this pattern was made for a 7-8 year old, and I needed it to fit a (soon to be) 1 year old, so I simply used a G hook instead of a J. I tried it on Luke (who is also 1) and it's a little big, but he kinda has a peanut head, so...

The hat is for a our good friend Hudson (he's Luke's BFF), Hudson's dad, Nick, is doing an Army Residency in DC (which means Jeff and I are far away from OUR friends...single tear!), so I cut out his last name in camo letters and then glued (and stitched the corners) down. I think it's cute and I am planning on making Luke one and then when Luke and Hudson are reunited they can wear their hats together (because that's what BFF's do people.)

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