Friday, July 9, 2010

Tutorial: Shiny Hieny Wipes Case

So, first let me say that I have apparently been living in a closet (or I just have two kids under 3), but these wipes cases are EVERYWHERE! All over and in all sorts of boutiques. I was first given one by my great friend Kim, and at that time had never seen one before (like I said, two kids under 3). I was later asked to make a gift for a baby shower and decided to try one out myself. Surprisingly easy and really fun, these little cases not only can make a great gift, but if you have to carry a wipes case in your purse or diaper bag why not have it be fabulous?! So here's a little tutorial for you!

List of supplies:
Travel Wipe Case (Use the same basic steps for a large wipe case, you will just nee more fabric)
Base Fabric- less than 1/4 of a yard will be used (but due to all the cutting and gluing you should start with at least 1/4 yard.)
Fleece- or any other type of batting you would like (it all depends how "fluffy" you want it.)
Hot glue gun
Mod Podge and sponge- you could also use photo spray glue, but that gets MESSY
Any other embellishment
Coordinating Fabric
1. Apply mod podge to top of case.
2. Apply fleece (batting) to case. Make sure to get out all creases and bubbles.
3. Apply mod podge to fleece.
4. Apply fabric. Once again, get out all creases and bubble.
5. Now, you can do steps 1-4 then cut one side, then repeat steps 1-4 on the other side, then cut that side or just wait and cut both sides at the same time. (Do you like how confusing I made that?) Basically if your fabric isn't so big that it's getting in your way while you work on the second side, just wait to cut's easier. Also, you are going to cover all the raw edges with ribbon, so don't worry about cutting perfectly! (I love this kind of crafting)
6. Now, if you don't have a coordinating fabric, just skip this step. If you do, you'll want to cut it now.
7. Still skipping this step if you don't have a coordinating fabric...Hot glue your fabric to both edges of your case.
It should look like this below (I'm realizing I took a ridiculous amount of pictures)
8. Now hot glue your ribbon; covering up the raw edges of your coordinating fabric.
9. Now, starting at the back, hot glue your ribbon around the edge of both sides of your wipe case.
Almost finished! (You could actually be finished here if you wanted to, but I like to add a little "something")
Harper was also crafting; sewing up a hippo puppet. Teaching her young!
10. Add embellishment. I crocheted a little bow and then hot glued it on, but you could add anything; buttons, jewels, fabric flowers, etc.
Finished project! I also added a jewel in the middle of the bow, as well in the back where the ribbon meets (this was my friend Kim's idea, just thought I'd site my source).
Here is a picture of a large case. I have a few of the travel cases and some coordinating sets (travel and large) in a local Children's Store; once again, cute baby shower gift!!


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  1. This is AWESOME! We don't have kids, but I know my friends who do would love this. Thanks for the great Christmas idea!