Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby O and The Bear Hat

I wanted to post these beautiful photos just in case you haven't seen them yet! They were posted on Facebook, I linked to them in my previous post and they are up on my etsy page! But they are SO SWEET that I felt compelled to put them up one more time! And I am really proud of the following things: 1. Baby O is the newest addition to the Allen family (O is the third of three BOYS!) The Allens have become such great friends or ours, and it has been fun seeing this little blessing going from inside his mama into the real world! 2. These photos themselves!! My (also new and great) friend Katie is a stay at home mom who has her own photography business; I'd say she's doin pretty well! It's neat to know people in one capacity and then be totally blown away by their talent in another facet of their life! Please visit Katie's site katielittlephotography.com. (Side note: These photos are up on Katie's site also and if she gets 30 comments then the Allen's get a free 8x10 and a free 5x7! So leave your thoughts people! Another side note: Katie's daughter Lorelai and my Harper have the same birthday, totally irrelevant to this post and to your lives, but fun anyways!) 3. I heart this bear hat and diaper cover big time! It was cute just sitting in my living room, but seeing it on baby O just made me so proud! If you would like one please visit my esty shop here (you gotta love a little blatant self promotion!) Also, this hat can be made in any size and any color, so don't think you have to have a newborn to rock this cute thing!


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