Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Modeling. Bleh!

Harper HATES modeling for me! I literally bribe her with baked goods, or ice cream or TV in order for her to leave something on or stay still. Today I managed to only get two semi-decent photos from her. And by decent I mean they are not blurry or of her ripping the hat off her head. This is a new style of hat I made for Ellie's Enchanted Closet and the craft show I am doing in October. The boy version of this (which of course I didn't get photos of before I took it to the store) was Navy, lime green and white and was AWESOME! (If I do say so myself!) Love an earflap hat! Thank you to Kristi of RAKJpatterns for the inspiration and the patterns! (If you crochet and are in need of beautiful and easy to follow patterns click on the link above and visit RAKJpatterns' shop on Etsy! Or look for her on Ravelry under Oh So Cute Designs.)

Not looking at the camera.Totally over it. And like I said, these were the good ones!

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