Friday, February 20, 2009

Bags, Bags and more Bags

So in preparing for the craft show in March I have been crocheting and sewing like a mad woman. I do have other projects finished, I just haven't taken any photos yet. But here is the first of many bags I am making (all different) for the show. It has been really fun making up patterns and just letting things come together as I go. This bag I was calling the "Mama Bag" because it is pretty big. It is crocheted with 100% cotton cream yarn. It is lined in some of the fabric I bought at goodwill and the strap is crocheted fabric strips (in the lining fabric). I think it's pretty fun.
The lining with two pockets.
The crocheted fabric strap. I tied the ends in a bow and then sewed it closed.
My attempt at a handmade label. I stitched "New Millie" on felt and then sewed it in.
I have more bags to be continued.


  1. i did not know you were so talented!! just reading your instructions confused me :) i am NOT good at making anything...but i am good at buying things other people made!! do you make hats? a girlfriend of mine had this hat with a flower on cute!!

  2. I do make hats! Just let me know what color and I would love to make one for you (for free obviously!) Just checked out your blog, your girls are so cute! 12 more weeks and we'll have two! I'm a little freaked out!