Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just in Case You Were Wondering...

Just in case you were wondering where I will be on March 21-22! I will be one of the vendors at the Green With Indie craft show, which I am super excited about. The premise of the show is "green crafting," so I am planning to use only natural materials (organic cotton, wool) and then repurposing a lot of items (I already bought a very cool table cloth and bed sheet from Goodwill!) I have also been looking at everything in my house as a potential craft material...the creative juices are flowing! 

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  1. Hello my precious niece, this is your Aunt Cheryl. I am so excited to see you doing the green thing. It is the way to go and if you hook up with the right companies, it is very affordable.
    This is such a great site. I have all kinds of left over materials that I have collected over the years and now you are giving me some ideas that I had never considered before.
    If you have anyone who may be interested in green products for their homes, just send them to
    Kiss little Harper for me!